Element of choice

we all know that there are four elements and mostly ICE is being favored by players. That is because of slowing enemies and increase damage with frostbiting. Will there be a affix (anything coming on 1.7 or anytime in the future patch) that may favor other elements?
ice- freeze- frostbiting
fire- immolate- :question:
shock- stun- :question:
poison- toxic -:?:

What is rocking it for me at the moment is fire on warrior, ice on wizard and poison on rogue, not because of any new affix’s, and not because of an OCD affliction that makes me colour coordinate things.
What has played a massive part in how things have turned out for me is finding legendary pets, they give me an extra dimension with an added new set affix that compliments existing builds allowing me to utilise elements more. In the past I have never bothered with the whole element side of things, elements have always felt like an over complicated rock-paper-scissors burden, Y is strong against X but weak against Z, that why I always chose brute force. But I’m ever so slowly turning to the elemtal dark side :frowning:

Poison is used a lot because of some set affixes/combos :unamused:
Electrified too, but most for tanks :unamused:
Arcane is interesting because you can deal any dmg to anyone without being affected by the “resist” and “greatly resist” :unamused:

But I’ve to agree that Fire isn’t really worth for me atm :unamused:

@diieter you’ve said druidic will be change at the upcoming patch. ahm, what are the changes? and i see that druidic is not on the rogue legendex, so im planning to jasper a druidic item to rouge, will druidic be maintained or change into a rouge affix? thanks :smile:

what about resist arcane and higher tier enemies Dieter… was that removed?

Can’"t spoil, but druidic is really interesting now :smile:

ok but can druidic be on rouge now? i actually using it on my wiz… and i want it on my rouge…

ok but can druidic be on rouge now? i actually using it on my wiz… and i want it on my rouge…[/quote]

Sure, jasper