Elemental Affixes in PvP - Powerful or Not Worth it?

For those in the upper echelons of Eternal league, are +% elemental DMG affixes super important for making quick work of your opponent? I’m just trying to get a feel for how much value they add in PvP

Also, what about Elemental Criticals and the other elemental Affixes (Blistering, Blight, etc.)? I usually don’t include them cause I really don’t know what puts out more damage than what in PvP lol

And now that I’ve just learned that Ignore Resist doesn’t work at all in the BA I’m trying to think of where to even start with factoring in elemental damage, resistance, and Weaken. It’s making my head spin :thinking:

@roykiyoy :pray:t3:

I use +ele dmg on almost everything but I don’t really use + weapon dmg and I do the use any % dmg or element crit in PvP.
Because everything is lvl20 the % just don’t do hardly anything it’s what like 9% dmg on a 900 dmg weapon vs 1040 ele dmg to a 900 dmg weapon

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Since each affix slot is important in PVP, IMO go with +weapon dmg solely on the weapon u plan to use. Prioritize +ED over %ED because of way the formula works + BA stat reductions.

Most Eternal Div1 use freeze, stun, or blind so save a few slots for related %immunity.

PVP nme have no natural element like a PVE nme so affixes like Effective or Weaken aren’t necessary.

Perseverance reduces effect of all DOT so might want to add 1 or 2. Also keep that in mind when considering whether to invest in elemental critical or EC dmg since most nme will have perseverance. Shock is popular ED due to stacking.

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Got it thanks :slight_smile:

1 question - would you take 50% weapon damage or +5,000 element damage, if you had to choose just one?

I take +5000 over 100% ed now and my power has gone up

It depends. Prioritize +WD and/or WD% on the weapon u plan to use.

Nice thing about +ED is it can be added to any gear. Use +ED instead of %ED because the BA stat reductions make ED% less powerful than +ED.

Re whether to use a WD% affix or not, maybe test it out for your build by swapping out 2 weapons with identical affixes. I personally only have one slot with +5000 WD and 6 slots of +5000 ED not counting pet.

@JesusSaves add tons of raw dmg 5000ed then 1x100%ed is aleady enough.

100%ed is quite weak in arena but can be give stronger boost if u have lots of raw 5000ed.

Iwould take 5000ed over 50% or 100% wd since raw dmg ed give so.much dmg boost in pvp also inc overall dmg not just the certain wep.

About elemcrit dmg. Its not worth it in arena unless ur a firebleed build u need to add some blisterring. Honestly the most practical way to win is using lightning elem for dmg debuff or ice elem for slow and disable.

If ur looking in pumping ur dmg having 1pc of pushlimit barbarian glasscannon would definitely pump ur dmg combined with 5000ed.(though i dont realy use glasscanon)

About immunities it was also nerf to 60% resist now in arena. Unlike b4 ur totally immune.(just choose the resist u needed the most… for me i only have stun resist since lots of players use lightning and they always proc stun)

If ur looking for elem crit it has such low% on pvp its better to go vial oh if ur a rogue. Or go coat proc

Was late seeing ur post having prob with Internet atn

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Got it thanks guys :slight_smile:

Regarding Perseverance affix… are Torrents from CV proc 'ing considered DoTs?

From my experience, perseverance doesn’t reduce damage from CV torrents. Them torrents H-U-R-T :smirk:

True that

Also, the following is a great explanation how the formula works. Then you can see for yourself whether WD% or +ED is better on your weapon. Maybe use both…but definitely don’t use ED% for PVP.

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Thanks guys - couple more PvP Questions -

  1. Is MP Absorb basically the same as damage reduction with regards to the prevention of incoming dmg? I’m thinking about using Permafrost


2- What’s the fuss about having Reflect Dmg affix in PvP? Besides inflicting a tiny amount of dmg to my opponent what else does it do?

@roykiyoy @PeaceDog

@JesusSaves havent tested mp absorb in arena yet.

They use reflect dmg affect combined w/ hp on hit or mp on hit affixes. Since everytime reflrc dmg proc it dmg enemies thus hp/mp on hit wil also proc.

U can pass this affix if ur not gona use on hit affix on pvp

yeah I thought about that, I’m just worried about Reflect dmg have more chances of proc’ing opponent’s CV.

Actually the more PvP I play the more I realize that almost every build is crafted the same with the theme of maxing Torrent dmg, minimize opponent’s Torrent dmg. Kinda takes the creativity out of the whole process…
But I’m a sight for sore eyes today. My Ricochet build is feeling less and less viable with every match I play on account of these oversized tornadoes :,(

@JesusSaves when ur dmg inc ur overall dmg inc too that means torrent dmg also inc. Its not needed to focus on torrent dmg alone since its dmg will spike up if u inc ur overal dmg

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Weaken reduces player resist! So it can be useful against players that uses Faun’s Gift + Cerebral Vortex + Crystal All Resist.

TY 4 the correction @Clogon

Is there legendary affix for elemental damage…?

Hello, im a newbie here in DQ , just played for 1 week, anyway i just saw and battle with ur player JESUSSAVES

Yes but you can’t obtain it via Ruby. Only certain equipment have legend ED% affix. +5000 ED is only available as an epic affix. Check it out in Legendex. Or you can look at the spreadsheet attached to this thread.