Elemental crit and elemental crit dmg

Hi! Im just new here but I’ve been playing dq for a month now and earlier i was confused about the elemcritdmg and the elemcrit affixes, as far as i know if i had a shock element the elemcrit would be paralysis and the elemcritdmg would be high voltage does that mean if i paralyze an enemy would i do more elemental dmg? Btw what is the actual cap of elemcritdmg?

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Elemental Critical Damage increases the damage done to a target when it is affected by an Elemental Critical. for those using Shock, High Voltage increases the damage done to a target that is Paralyzed by a +%, as long as it is Paralyzed. so a High Voltage +100% would multiply the damage done to a Paralyzed enemy by x2.

Elemental Critical Damage doesn’t have any Cap. so if you have 6 Eternal Items with +200% High Voltage, you would do +1200% damage to a Paralyzed enemy (damage x 13). so i guess +1200% would be the Cap, unless the Dev’s make Pets with Elemental Crit Dmg.


Oh hoho! Well my thoughts weren’t wrong then thanks for the clarification :smile: