Elemental damage?

Noob question does 100% increase poison damage will boost my main hand and off hand damage? Even thou there no elemental damage stats only poison element?

Follow up above if I change my weapon to a certain element like ice does it mean my weapon is now dealing ice damage even thou I don’t have 5000 ice damage? Does inc % ice dmg will bost it?

  1. It will increase mainhand and offhand damage as long as both use the poison element and it works on any gear piece/weapon.
  2. If you change element to ice on one of your weapons, it uses ice dmg so poison ED% aka 100% poison DMG% won’t count, unless the element where the affix is changes to ice.

5000 Ice dmg will only affect weapons and attacks that shoot in Ice element, unless you change element of the affix and weapon. Same with that 100% ED poison dmg will only affect poison weapons and attacks. Good thing it’s as easy as switching elements.

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It may be added to any minion attack… I’ve not tested but freeze does

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Element affixes affect the weapon if the weapon has the same Element. since Element affixes can be found on any item, the item needs to be the same as the weapon for it to be affected.
Ice MH, Fire OH, Poison Chest. if I didn’t have a Prismatic effect, then if I had +5k and +20% Poison Damage on the Chest, it wouldn’t boost the damage of either weapon, as they have a different Element. now if I did have a Prismatic effect, the weapons would still not get the damage bonus, as they are still different Elements.
Ice MH, Fire OH, Fire Chest. if I had the +5k and +20% Fire Damage on the Chest, only the OH would get the Element Damage bonus. if you have a Prismatic effect, the OH Spells would still get the Damage bonus from the Fire Element, because they are the same Element from the start, but the MH isn’t, even when the MH becomes Fire from Prismatic.
this applies to Element Damage +, Element Damage %, and to Elemental Critical (Freeze, Toxic, Immolate, Orbit, Paralyze).
Elemental Critical Damage (Blistering for example) and the Legend Elemental Critical, can be on items that are different Elements than the weapons and still work. so if I had Ice Element for both my weapons, and Fire for my Chest with Blistering on it, I would need some kind of Prismatic effect that changes the Ice to Fire for the Blistering to work. I would also need Freeze/Frozen (Epic, since my weapons are both Ice) or Elemental Crit (Legend), as the Elemental Crit Damage only work with an Elemental Crit of the same Element. in this case, every time the target is Immolated, it gets Blistering.

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Thank you very much to all

Prismatic is cool for 2 reasons. 1) your attacks has the chance of changing to another element

that your enemy may be weak against and 2) it looks very pretty like a rainbow

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when I was Ascending, I had a fast attack build with +4 MA and EAC with a Staff and Prismatic. with Elemental Crit, there was a lot of fun Elemental Crit animations working together to damage monsters. and all those Comets and explosions of different Elements was great. I also had Weaken at the time, so it was a lot of fun Ascending. and I also had a high cool down, so I had a lot of overlapping Twisters tearing up Epic monsters at the Shrines, with overlapping Elements. Prismatic Builds are a lot different from builds that focus on 1 or 2 Elements, so it took me awhile to learn the differences in build crafting.


Elemental damage have cap like Element critical?

no cap on ED. so you could have +10,000 ED on all 6 items if they are Eternal, or +200% ED on all 6 items, or some combination. you just couldn’t change any of the other affixes. for non=Eternal items, you could have as many of both as you want of the +5,000 or +20%/+100% ED. but you can only have 1 of either of the 20% or 100% ED, I think. the 100% and 200% ED are only found on Legend/Eternal items. over +5,000 ED is only found on Eternal. +20% and +5,000 ED can be found on items or rolled with Crystals.


No cap on ED% which means Arcanist can be very powerful when used right. Arcanist + arcane debuff from ascendant + high weaken (100% weaken to always activate) + high pack sise of enemies = a large dmg increase.
I also used this when resist shrines could buff my 1k resist to 100k in some patch like 2.3 or so, then using Astral talent and gaining many ED%. Something as crazy as 3000% if i recall correctly before that stopped being a thing since Astral changed in how much ED% gained and of course the protection shrine actually gives the correct 25%%+ increased resists rather than 100k resist (or 10k, however high it was).

How to get fire damage

You mean +5000 Fire Dmg?

Put +5000 Element Dmg(with Topaz) on any gear and change the element of the gear to Fire.

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