Elemental weaken vs ignore resist

wat is better elemental weaken or ignore resist?

the benefit of using Elemental Weaken is that it has a cap of +200%. that means it is possible to do more damage when Weaken is over +100%. the down side is that to get over +100% Weaken you need a minimum of 2 spaces on your items. with a Crystal Weaken of +90%, you have a 90% chance to lower a monsters resistance by 90% and it only takes up 1 space.

the benefit of using Ignore Resist is it only takes up 1 space and monster resistances are not a problem.

you can use Weaken and Effective together if you want, but Ignore Resist can’t be used with either Weaken or Effective, it cancels them out, so you don’t get the benefit of using them all together.


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Elemental Weaken is Elemental Critical 30%. not Weaken 90%. @Golem @dontcallmeidol

@kiane_zaine @dontcallmeidol

Elemental Weaken +30% (Epic affix) has a chance to reduce a monsters resistance to it’s Element, or any Element it has resistance to.

Elemental Weaken +90% (Crystal affix) same as the Epic affix.

Elemental Weaken +100% - +200% automatically reduces the resistance of monsters, and can possibly reduce a monster to negative resistance, allowing you to actually cause even more damage, if your Elemental Weaken is high enough. to get Weaken this high requires 2 or more spaces on your equipment.

Elemental Critical +15% (Epic affix) gives a chance to cause an Elemental Critical to a specific Element (Orbit, Paralyze, Toxic, Immolate, Freeze) based on the Element of a Weapon. if you have Immolate +15% on your Chest, MH Ice & OH Shock, you wont get Freeze or Paralyze. if the MH was Fire, then it would have a chance to cause Immolate. if you are using Prismatic (Wizard Talent or Ascendant Set), and had Immolate +15% on Chest, with MH Ice and OH Shock, any attacks that were changed to Fire would not get Immolate. if the MH was Fire with Immolate on your chest, then all attacks from MH would have a chance to get Elemental Crit of any Element, but since the OH is still Shock, none of it’s attack will benefit from the Immolate +15%.

Elemental Critical +30% (Legend affix) gives a chance to cause an Elemental Critical for any Element from any Weapon. so any place where Elemental Critical +15% (Epic affix) didn’t have a chance to cause an Elemental Crit, Elemental Crit +30% (Legend affix) does have a chance to cause an Elemental Crit.

Elemental Critical +30% (Legend affix) and Elemental Critical +15% (Epic affix) can stack. if you have Immolate +15% on a MH with Fire Element, and Elemental Critical +30% on a OH with Ice Element, you would have a +45% to cause Immolate with the MH and +30% chance to cause Freeze with the OH. with Prismatic, all Elements from the MH would have a +45% to EC and all Elements from the OH would have a +30% chance to EC.


Golem likes maths me thinks :fearful:


He was just saying that the epic and crystal weaken are the same, while the elemental criticals while they are additive to each other, only the legend affix is universal… you can’t paralize a target if your using ice

Also just a side note, iceburn doesnt cause freeze… this leads me to think other procs from sets and legend affixes cant elem crit either… need further testing me thinks
Only found out after finishing my build and it not working :sweat_smile:


I think kiane_zaine thought I was confused about Elemetnal Critical +30% (Legend) and Elemental Weaken +30% & +90% (Epic & Crystal). so I replied in a way that explained the difference between the two. my first reply in this Thread was about the difference between Elemental Weaken and Ignore Resist

@dickwad I am ok with math, but it makes my brain go :boom: sometimes.

@TeaCup you are correct about my post. also, I thought I had read somewhere that Iceburn works well with Frozen Set. hmm, couldn’t find anything in a quick search, so could be wrong. Iceburn causes Ice DMG, but the DMG is based on the MH, so my question is, is the Element on the MH Ice also? if not, that might be why it not getting Elemental Crit. of course, if you have Legend EC, and it doesn’t E Crit, then this could be a problem for some builds.


And a cheeky peek at whats to come from my build, but ive found a way to make this a lot better so for now ill just climb floors for a while

Don’t forget CuzegCalculatorSpiked :wink: .


@TeaCup thanks for video. it gets hard when you find out the hard way that something you put in a build doesn’t work like you think it does. of course, it is really fun when something you put in a build does more cool things than you thought it could do.


When I was build making crazy as a newbie and remaking new builds I never looked at the failures of any build but at was actually the good parts of that build. So in my pvp builds I look for a close approximate build that includes other builds. A melting pot of ideas

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one thing I have noticed is, that when I craft something in a build that doesn’t work out, it gives me an idea of what kind of build it can work on. my ideas are growing faster than my Gold, Crystal, and Myth Stone farming can keep up with. :sob:


I make characters of different classes. Some which I am uncomfortable playing @Golem because you know I’m a wizard. But when you play other classes then you get a broader view of everything

fighting in the Arena has given me a new look at Warriors. I started DQ using Rogue, I liked using Chakram but I wasn’t very good at using it, which is one of the big reasons I went to Wizard. I really like crafting Elementalist Builds with a Staff. Comet with Explosion is great with +4 Multi Attack! I just need to figure out where to put Twister and Storm, one for the Staff and the other a Proc.

playing Wizard for a long time has given me enough know how that I have some good ideas for a Ninja Rogue Build or two, and have seen some good ideas in the Forums recently from new posts.

Warrior Builds will be the last thing I start working on, but I have seen potential with the Class and have some ideas I want to try out now.