Hey guys what is the most powerful elements in DQ?

All of them.

Arcane: get up close and personal with your enemy. with Elemental Crit, lots of Celestial, and Living Force (5) Set, your Orbits can put out tons of damage. Rogue with Relentless Talent would do well with this. Campaign Map Enemies have no Resist to Arcane Element. works best with mobs and worse with solo enemies.

Shock: Shock Debuff gives +12.5% damage, and stacks up to 4 for +50% damage. a Main with Hireling can do an 8 stack for +100% damage. there are some Rogue Items that can give you some extra Shock Debuff for even higher damage. a bunch of High Voltage can increase damage to Paralyzed enemies, and Electrocution Set boosts damage to enemies with 25% or lower Health based on how many Shock Debuffs are stacked on them.

Poison: Plagued & Druidic Sets increase the damage done by Poison DoT. with Blight, you can increase the damage of Toxic by a lot. Wizard can get insane Poison DoT damage & DPS with Sorcery & Fester Talents.

Fire: Inferno (5) Set with lots of Blistering, and maybe some extra Bleed Damage. all 3 Classes can do tons of damage with Fire if Crafted the right way. using Crushing Flames Set with Crushing Blow affix and Demonic Set is another way to smash monsters.

Ice: Permafrost Set with lots of Frostbiting. if Crafted right with Frozen Set, your killing blow can become an enemy mobs worst nightmare.

you can get billions, trillions, or more damage with any of the Elements, so it comes down to play style and which Element you like using.

I like using Ice & Fire, am working on learning how to use Poison & Arcane better, and used Shock a lot as a Noob (that +50% damage from Shock Debuff stacking is really helpful).

Hey im curious what is the pest for pvo in your opinion? My results have told me electricity but im curious what you would say on it.


from other Posts, most players go with Shock for the +50% damage buff (or higher with the right Items with the Max Shock affix on them).

the next batch of players are kind of split between Fire, Poison, or Bleed for DoT damage.

Ice is last because of the slowing and reducing enemy damage DoT. (my choice of Element for now)

I don’t know very many players who use Arcane, unless they have a specific Build idea in mind that make use of Orbits at close range or as part of a Prismatic or Dual Element Build. or they’re new and still learning about fighting in PVP.