Elixer mythstone +50% pierce

So i have a build which uses scalp with living force as its primary source if damage. I wanna know if mixing the exposed mythic on chest with two elixers for 100% pierce chance and scalp will give me the bonus damage? Can scalp pierce in this way?

I’d go ruptured personally

Ah… im smart

Yes but if u re using elemental dmg+wp dmg build(like frozen) piercing is good but if u re using DoT DMG+EC DMG build(like CF) ruptured gonna be better.


Elixer gives skills 50% (1) or 100% (2) to do Piercing Damage, so Exposed would increase that Damage. any Piercing damage increased by Exposed when the Hatchet returns would be increased even more by Living Force.
if you went with Ruptured, since Scalp has 100% Bleed chance, then instead of the Elixor Stones, put 2x +50% Bleed Damage instead.
then again, since Scalp does have 100% Bleed Chance, if Bleed is figured out after Piercing, then Exposed & Piercing would be the better way to go, giving you 2 different damage types (Bleed & Piercing) instead of just boosted Bleed.


Scalp already can pierce but 100% pierce chance + exposed will work anyway on pretty much Any Skill. 100% pierce chance is quite powerful as well. So scalp can use Exposed Mythic without needing the 50% pierce or 100% pierce chance mythstone. The mythstone only adds the pierce chance for any skill that doesn’t pierce. Barrage from wand will benefit for example.

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Lol lots of options for you to consider. I’d go for @Golem and @CuzegSpiked advice