Elixir Drops

How low is the Elixir Mythstone drop? I play this game from ages, and now was my first Elixir droped ever… Anyother I had to Convert… I don’t use Mythological, but it makes that much of a diference? Cause I had droped tons of Obsidians already, :S

It is very rare but if you go up floor 500 and wear mythical affix or buy so many shop mythstones, you would eventually get Elixir. I remember losing all 4 of them as a newbie and taking forever to finally get one but it made me realise that they are extremely valuable even today. Although at floor 500, if you do it often, elixir stones will come often and many ultra rare mythstones would come and you can combine so many to craft so many elixirs. I could craft 10 elixir with ease.

All I can say is do floor 500+, keep farming, wear mythical set for good luck and keep on farming. Someday you’d get lucky and get elixir drops or so many other ultra rare mythstones to convert into Elixir. I have 99 fortune mythstones already and 50 returns and so on due to how quick I get them in the 2.1 update up til 2.5.

I farm only 600+ and I have 1012% luck. My question was about the diference betwen Obsidian and Elixir dificult… Not about how to drop, not even about what you have.

So, if it’s “1%(Obsidian) to 0,5%(Elixir)” or “0,5% (Obsidian) to 0,25% (Elixir)” it isn’t 50% or 75% more difficult, it’s 100%. Actually, considering conversion, it would be even more then 100%.

Cuzeg has 0 informed clue about the numbers sorry please ignore said number ramblings. As far as Elixer rarity goes however a major thing to remember is that as much as Elixers and Obsidians might be the same tier in their respective resources mythstones themselves are in fact just rarer then crystals in general although I do not have the specific numbers for you only @SteigerBox does and he likes to keep them to himself so you’re probably never going to get a more accurate response then “rare as butts” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I mean’t 100% harder.