Elixir wont work on nadroji jewelries?

elixir stone on jewelries gives +2 set ranks,. i try to add it in nadroji neclace

i try to equip nadroji necklace with a total of +4 set it made the set rank 5

i try to equip ring with +2 set… nothing happens… maximum set rank is 5.

is this a bug? or it is not possible? i thought maximum rank of set is 8…

this is the only method i thought to make it possible,. the rank 8 set,.

The cap of +all sets is 4 however the cap a set may go too is 8 this must be done by having at least 4 of the set on other gear and then having +4 all sets :smile: hope that clears things up for you :+1:

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i thought i can max all set by adding elixir on nadroji ring and neclace… total of +8 set number…

i dont know the set number cap is 4, :3
by the way… thanks for telling me,.

Can I clear things up?

Since Nadroji amulet or ring already has 2+ all sets (legend affix), if you add elixir to it, you already get capped all sets. It isn’t possibke to get 8+ all sets because the cap is just 4+ all sets.

Either: nadroji ring with all sets and the elixir mythstone: congrats you got capped all sets.

Or: nadroji amulet has all sets, then you add elixir mythstone: congrats you got capped all sets again.

It means, you can get capped all sets on 1 piece of jewellery whether it’s amulet or ring. However it is better to simply get more nadroji jewellery to save elixirs from being used or save up elixir mythstones.

Even though the maximum all sets cap is 4+ (see stats page), the maximum cap of a set affix is 8. The maximum cap of a set affix isn’t possible without at least 2+ all sets affix (either from elixir or legend affix).

I hope this clear it more up. I said what griffin said but with more detail.