Emelental Damage %

Can I get elemental damage on ruby? E spent 10 ruby and still didn’t get the ED… Pls help me

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.i guest we cant get ED%(red affix) from ruby…
.you just waste your ruby sir… :sob:

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Thank you… :sob::sob: Now I will farm again from the start and find another item with ED% in it already​:pleading_face::broken_heart:

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Hey, sorry to hear that it’s really unlucky.

In game when you are in your inventory screen, at the top it should say ‘Codex’ and if you choose ‘Legendex’ and pick a class, you can search through every item and find out how to get it to drop. You can also craft any item you have previously found for dust.

You can find many items with red ED% and use your other crystals to craft on them to suit your build.

Hopefully reading through your class’ legendex will help you find what you need :slight_smile:


Thanks dude… Thats what I’m doing right now all of my mythstone and crystal slot is empty and now I’m farming it again all over again right now i have 1 zenith… I need 2 elixer and 5 zenith for my build


for future builds, here is a post on what you can and can’t roll with the different Crystals. I believe it isn’t up to date as of the most recent Patch 3.2, and maybe 3.0.

hope it helps.

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.so if we have crystal affix block in other than OH its good for keeping it…
.glad i read your comments sir, I’ve already get that block stuff on ring from drop… :grin:

sure, if you can use it in your Build.

the problem is that most items with Block that are not OH, Block is usually the only affix worth using, and maybe some others. if you are looking for an item with any affix that can’t be rolled with a Crystal and you need Block, then you have to choose which is more important for your Build. of course, that means you can Craft that Block Item any way you want, as long as you don’t erase the Block :wink: .

My Wizard Farm Build has +60% Block, but my Floor Climbing Build has +45% Block. both have Sanctuary.

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