Emerald and diamond switched spots


In my crystal stash… i dont understand. 0.o

Crystals and mythsones switching places

You’re crystal is drunk. :beer::beer::beer:


Lmao hahahaha nice stash!




Wow that is strange indeed . Go home you’re drunk crystal stash :beers: .

Also I had one where all emeralds were replaced by a legend but turns out that fixed itself and a dream.


you’re richer than me while I thought I was so pr0. stop hurting me so bad :cry:


Lol this was how rich I was sometime ago.


Well, i fixed it, but not exactly an ideal fix…

I had to convert ALL my crystals freeing up the spots, then auto pickup farming filled in the right spots. O,o


isn’t easy using your finger


Thats not a problem, lol. But having no emeralds or diamonds at all is… 0,o

Also, i play on nvidia tv, so i dont have touch ability to convert. Its l2 and r2 trigger bound. Though, still finger operated… lol


Oh ok. Now I feel poor because I’ve been testing too much lol. Testing possible combinations and ideas. I’ve got so many build ideas but now don’t feel as though I can afford like i used to. My crystals starved after making many build .


Lol… get grindin :slight_smile:


Yep I do that.


My god i wish i had those crystals :joy::joy:


You gotta teach me im willing to learn all your tips and tricks lol


homicide has got some ninja farming techniques


Hmm, i just farm, lots, love looty. I think actually i prolly not using what most would to farm, but i like to think im onto something… 0,o


Also, you could join cuzegs discord group. A few of us in there at times to live chat.


How do i join it?