Enchant Reroll bug and Coin Disappear

Hello guys and Shiny Box! Im playing with this game from the start, and i liked that game, but…

From the Last update im completed the game, and im the the 49 floor because im farmed the last boss. So The im updated the game, and im entered the game. im done the 49 floor and im start the 50 floor which is the Hell Main Boss. So the loading screen is disappear and im forget to change my stuffs to one enemy combat, so im open the character menu, but no 3D character, the character Stats are completly empty there was no string of the values. and my stuffs are disappeard, im closed the character/inventory menu. Im Depressed a BIT :astonished: . After im Reopened it and i saw the 3D character view, and the stats OK, BUT my Gold is 0… :imp: What the hell?? Im lost 120.000 Coin with this update…
I say thats ok, im continuing the game and i forget that thing…

After 4 floor i think im Reroll my new Robe. Im gather ~46K coin. and the reroll cost just ~24K coin. Im pressed the button, after the screen say Succesfull, i look to my gold and its not ~22K coin. My coin value is Negative 46.000 Coin.

What the hell? I cant buy potions and with the new mobs i cant complete the current floor because im always die:D

i Would like to make a screenshot to show my negative gold, but i can’t bacause i dont know the buttons combination with Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and 4.2.2 Android.

HI there, thank you very much for using our forums!
We did have an issue with gold disappearing in patch 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 however we addressed this issue in patch 1.2.2

Can you tell me what version number you have of Dungeon Quest?

Also, you can take a screen shot with the SGSi9000 by doing this:

  1. Navigate to the screen you want to capture.

  2. Press and hold the Escape/Back button, then press the Home button (in some cases you may have to press Home twice for it to register).

  3. A shutter click sound should be heard to confirm the shot was taken.

  4. Open the Gallery app.

  5. A folder named ScreenCapture will be available and contain your screenshot image.

Hello, thank your for your answer, sorry i have a long work shift today.
So im currently using the 1.2.0 Dungeon Quest version, and here is the image.


Ok, thank you for the image.

If you update to the latest version (1.2.2) your gold number will no longer reset when you die, exit the level, or enchant items. We are sorry that this issue shipped in our patch, but we have fixed it and you should no longer have this issue.

If you have any other issues or have any questions please post here or send us an email.

Thanks for playing!

Hey, im updated my game to 1.2.2, but i have still Negative gold.

I am very sorry for the confusion. I should have been more specific, you won’t get into a sitution again where you will loose gold. Our patch corrected that issue, but it will not remove your current negative gold value.

Now that you are updated, can you tell me what happens when you pick up gold? Does your gold value continue to grow negative?

Thank you for your time, and i have -46000 coin, and when i collect some gold its just decreasing, i mean -45xxx coin.

Ok, I was worried that the gold was going from -46000 to -49000!

Thank you for the info, we will make sure that gold doesn’t go (-) in our next update.