Enemies with thorns affix

how to resist thorns? i always die in 1 sec when i encounter a bunch of magic enemies and can’t kill the legend or mythic enemies with thorns affix. i have 100k hp and maximum of 1M damage on enemies and farming on floor 151 m3.

Regeneration and armour and hp regen

Max dodge helped to me.

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Dodge and block too

with multi attack+2 and 250 HP on Hit, my Thorns problem went away. later I added Harmony, so any MP replacement also helped my HP. at the moment, I only have 250 MP on Hit and 500 MP Regeneration with Harmony. my HP may go down from Thorns, but it wont kill me, and when my HP gets lower, that helps my Defiant Set do more damage. also, my HP is low, so it is easier for my on Hit and Regeneration to heal me. if you have high HP, Thorns will nock it down more, but having some kind of healing will keep it from getting to low to survive. just remember, Thorns takes 10% of your current HP each hit, so you need to either only hit the monster when Thorns isn’t active, or have enough healing to keep from freaking out when your HP drops.


Dodge (crystal, epic, hero points, maybe natures) and block best for me