Enemy Immune sadism?

4 maps in a row… Enemy Immune was fire Immune when my only dmg is fire damage. Is it a sad coincidence or a sadistic design to torment me? Does the enemy Immune map affix purposefully target your highest element?

Also, I’m not that sad about it, I just change my mh to a different element and one shot them still

Use ignore resist if it’s persistent. Not really sure if it’s purposely like that lol. I had a similar problem and I think ignore resist is better than always using calcite.

I know water is over fire an shock over poison. What’s over water… shock?

You forgot arcane. @AntiKhrist
I think its fire-ice ice-electric electric-posion posion-arcane I think.
I didn’t know if you use the less then sigh it won’t show up…

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If I had the crystals to spare I’d already have it. Sadly I’ll have to rough it until my items are done. Am I the only one who doesn’t have unlimited crystals? Everyone in the arena seems to have perfect crystal and multiple legend affixes on all their gear. With multiple characters also having nadrojis ( crystal with perfect rolls of course). Am I not playing the game right? Or have I not unlocked the secret level called ‘cheat engine’ yet?

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u forgot there is no water but Ice. lol…

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u just not unlock “Grind like crazy” ohh and actually if u use “Cheat engine” whatsoever. u will be locked forever.

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when did you start?
A lot of players had a lot of time farming prior this patch. They were ready when it came out. That’s why they have gears already. When you get a nadroji equip the rare equips drops a lot than before.

Crystalline / Eternalized helps in getting gear.
Conversion of legends/eternal gives you crystals.
Crystal legends drop and helps in progressing your gear.

Perfect crystal affix needs diamonds but it’s harder to perfect like 1 cyrstal affix and like 2 legend affix.

For farming. Go to a map that you can finish fast.
Have max luck/ gold find / item drops. Hireling also helps. (In killing and getting 100 bonus item drop)
Sets nadroji, eternalized, crystalline. mythical if you need mythstone.

Use hunter ring for mythic feat.
Use rubik’s guide for crystal feat.

I don’t like cheating. I really hate it. >.> Why play the game if you cheat. I reported a lot of cheaters already on Battle arena. I think it’s just a waste of time for the cheaters. How can you be happy with the results that you didn’t even have to do something to attain it >.>


Yea Sry I’m still kinda new. Even thou I got lucky an got a eternal map yesterday. But my brotha asked me. An I wasn’t for sure. We call the rouge a assassin lolz. But thank u guys for the help.

If you every need help

  1. Search the forum since someone might have ask it before and answer.
  2. If you cant find the answer just ask we will be more then happy to help.
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Ah. Thank you sir very much appreciated! Don’t know why this game in st located In the no sir no problem section thou. Contacted Google to get it there thou. Gonna see about this Crystal gear dude was talking about… I need a set of them. An thank u Vic!!

This is his bro, sorry we weren’t clearer about the state of the H2O Particle movement. Lol

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The Effective ring works great for me… no immunity to worry about

effective ring have weakness tho. u deal 0 damage to immute or great resist. i test it last time lol. ignore resist much better.

Does the effective mythic not ignore immunities?

Ignore resist and Effective has a different mechanic.

Ignore resist = Well ignores resist.
Effective Mythic = It changes your element to the one that’s effective to your enemy.
1.25 x dmg to your enemy.

The problem is we have enemies with immune affix to their weakness element.

A fire fury with the an affix with ice element.
Even if your damage is * 1.25 your damage becomes 0 because of the immunity of the element.

So a lot prefer ignore resist rather than dealing with immune affix. :<

But I do think it should bypass immune because well it’s a mythic >.>

How does the element changing because of the effective mythic interact with +element % affixes . like if I have +60% fire dmg but because of effective I’m currently dealing ice dmg. Do I lose the +60%?

As I understand. It affects your final DMG * 1.25. So it’s the final damage you do. It won’t affect the specific element %.