Enemy rarity?

I have a nadroji robe and cap, in this new version of dq they placed a set effect for nadroji the " increased of total enemy rarity", what does this exactly mean? Does it affect the drop rate of ultra rare legends? Or it just make enemy to drop many items?

It makes it so that magic and rare enemy’s spawn more often and is actually quite powerful for farming if you can afford it

Ah I see, I always use map for farming and a map can acquire % magic enemy and rare, does the nadroji effect stocks on it?

Yes they are 2 different ability’s that stack. It is exceptionally powerful with +pack size maps where sometimes I’ve seen 50+ magic enemy’s spawn all in one little area

Wow, thanks for the info.

Dont wear it both. You’ll waste one slot affix. (Bonus doesnt stack from both gear)

Yeah, how I wish it will stock… XD

Equip nadroji’s head or nadroji’s armor with nadroji’s amulet or the ring. Thats what I mean.

Just another suggestion anyway