Engaging in another round.

Returning to play after several years away.

Engaged in farming, which pretty much sums up my activities. :grin:

Presently holding the #3 spot on the Found Legends standings.

Aiming for that coveted #1 position! :muscle:

Absolutely adore this game.


Welcome to DQ forums @zhilen111 !

I think my Wizard was in the top 30 or 40 last time I checked, and I haven’t been playing as much as I used to. I’m focusing in getting Demonic Aura in Battle Arena right now.

hope you get that first place! (that’s going to be a lot of Legends!)

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Welcome back! Farmaholic here. Speaking of the leader board, it’s still down, or at least it is on my end. Last time I was able to see it, I was #1 in Legends found. Come and get me!

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