Enternal League

In enternal league(i only need 100 more match points to get to) what’s up with the legnedary’s you can get in the chest the one’s that the say “Get a chance to win them all in Enternal League”?

You have a chance to get those from reward chests regardless of league. As far as I know, each of the 6 set pieces is ‘unlocked’ by reaching magic-eternal league. If you are in legendary for example and open a chest, you have a chance to obtain 4 of the 6 pieces.

Hey how many levels are there in mythic league before you get to eternal league

In the past version, it happened to me that the league resetted when I was a few % away from eternal :
Like: 1% mythic -> won match -> 68% mythic -> WTF??

Probably you entered a higher division.

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