Epi bonus

Guys does epiphany bonus will activate even if no epiphany affix on gear?

you need epiphany to active it due to the capping of affix

No you don’t. You need 70% attack speed on gear which doesn’t require epiphany. Even if you go over 60% cap without Epiphany, as long as your gear has 75% attack speed, the bonus will activate. 60% of the 75% attack speed will be counted but the 15% afterwards isn’t counted.

But if you want to feel the 75% attack speed along with the 70% bonus, then you can use Epiphany (5) to really have a feel for it.

I didn’t , I blew out epiphany set,

Sir , can you help me with this? I have 200-350k dmg but what can I do more to extend the dmg and efficiency of this build :frowning: sometime it just standing

I can’t see the affixes of the build to help and even zooming in, the affixes are too blurry.

then the bonus will work without epiphany?

Yes. I tried it myself. Even one of my builds show proof of this and it’s called Charged Inferno. I don’t know if it will change but it’s intended now that Epiphany Bonus works without the epiphany set.

Still, it take up some slots to achieve that 70% Total DMG.If you find a way to use that y0% attack speed, that’s a bonus but that 70% total damage works without Epiphany to help.

wow cool thanks for the new info :grin:

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I would suggest finding an item that has momentum or roll it through amethyst then put push the limit, barbarian or glasscanon… But i would prefer PTL AND barbarian because it does not affect hp… Still glasscanon is pretty awesome! U only need a pair of these affixes for example 2 barbarian and 2 glasscanon… Putting 3 or more is useless unless its percentage is less than 30% but usually its in 49%-50 %