Epic affix 10000 HP

Where can i find it

And question why is my stats only 98? Others are 295

10000 HP can only obtain via loot and it’s legendary item and the stats is changed from 3 points/level to 1/level.

Max epic affix for hp is now 7500,

Stats per level is now 1, but same effectiveness as 3

After the 3.0 update they reduced the 10000 flat hp to only 7500 hp if your asking where to get it you can use topaz and angelite to get those affix, about the stat points after the update they reduced the stats from 3 point per level to 1 point per level.

I miss that 10000 hp T.T

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Ohhh what legend items do have that 10000 hp

No legend item does have that 10k hp affix. Eternal items though can have a max of 15000 hp

Max hp affix on regular items is 7500

Crystal Topaz at patch 3.0 they reduce 10000Hp to 7500Hp

And on MP

Yup. From 5000 MP to 7500MP which was much needed!