Epic Affix bugged?

Has anyone noticed this? Epic affixes doesn’t seem to add to the dps of a weapon compared to normal affix.

Well that’s not normal… “elemental dmg%” shouldn’t change the DPS, since it’s based on the “total dmg”, so not affecting “weapon dps” … (if i’m right)
Also “dmg+50%” should clearly increase dmg of the weapon

Yap it seems to be bugged !

We’re thinking it’s a bug with the DPS calculation on the item, the affixes should still work. I’ve seen a lot of odd issues like that and will be looking into fixing it for 1.6.

I guess we have to live with it atm. :smiley: Epic extra attack chance works (fires 3 bullets w/ flintlock) but I’m not sure about attack speed. Those two increases your dps. :smile:

Found and fixed this issue, so come 1.6, DPS number on item will start increasing properly w/ Epic Affixes!

Well done, as always :wink: [emoji106]

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Nice! :wink: