Epic - Epic maps

How would you use a map like this? Save it for a rainy day? Would you say it is more valuable than a legend map? Save it for a legend map drop and wear your eternal gear?

use it when finishing a feat like cartographer/ mythic enemy/ enslaver to get higher chance of more rare legend/ eternal/crystal

TNT + Skyfall + Leech nerf would make this a painful map for me. I’d use Diamonds on it until those numbers were lower!

Lucky I never got one of that only 500%+ is my highest on epic

My understanding is that those numbers at the top only affect the chest that you get after defeating the cartographer at the end, not all of the drops throughout the map

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Yeah I would sadly sell that map back to the shop. Anything with Skyfall or TnT Props becomes vendor fodder. I’ll just spend another 50-100k to get another map with a new set of rolls, no biggie.

I go to vendor when I see HP regen. Enemy are nearly immortal !!!

The luck affixes on top of it does effective enslaver drops though as far as I heard from some other post but Is it true anyone @