Epiphany and momentum

2 separate questions here. what is the specific way epiphany actually works does it +5% or *1.05 too the cap and what is the current formula that momentum is using cause I see a bunch of conflicting info in game and what is the max damage bonus you can get from it

Hi, question about Epiphany… hehe (sorry if this is off-topic)
Which specific stats can be affected by the increase in cap?
+Set is not affected.
CritDmg%, ECrit%, ItemDrop%, Luck% are working for me.
How about exp? movement speed? dodge? crushing blow? deadly strike?

Thanks! :smile:

Epiphany affects nearly everything to go above cap, whether that’s gold find, luck,dodge, item drops,crushing blow, deadly strike, crit dmg , crit chance , attack speed, and possibly many more . Momentum could go good with epiphany.

Momentum on description is : 10% dmg increased* current move speed per rank . Even though that’s what it says, when I tried momentum at 5, even though description was all dmg increased by 50% * current move speed , it definitely feels like more than 50% dmg when using 100% move speed. There must be something missing from the calculations that I missed because it feels way more powerful than the description states and I felt like I underestimated it when I tried it. Momentum is very very powerful for sure and gives chances to deal easily billions of dmg. Yes 50% dmg increase is very powerful but I looked at power description and it shows more than 50% increase currently.

Only thing I know that isn’t affected by epiphany is all sets. The general affixes such as move speed would possibly have increased cap so epiphany may be of good use.

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