Epiphany on PVP

does the Epiphany Bonus work on pvp?
or is it possible to activate it?

It works. Actually thats the main recipe to reach million dmage. Works best on barrage and ricochet trust me. :wink:

what is the requirements to activate this on pvp?

Im not quite sure on the calculations. Better wait for some experts. I was able to activate it using 45 crystal atkspd, 2-3x mythstone and all haste elemnts.

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70%as requirement on PVE.
what is the requirement on PVP? since the max cap for AS is 24%(*1.15 Epiphany Set)

Should be 42% I think

Actually no… 28 I think… Its whatever 40% of the required amount is lol

It works. 28% Asp required to activate 20% damage increase. Yes I have tested it and the math is exact.


The 20% damage is not worth it :wink:

It’s worth if you make good use of attack speed.

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its worth it . ilove epiphany bonus . :heart_eyes:

2 +45% attack speed, 1 +15% attack speed and 1 haste nature and it will activated on arena