Tried the codex crafting, what do i do to this item to maximize dmg?

Apply it with 25 Emeralds first then remove the elemental crit ( You can get it via Ruby) then Reroll it with some diamonds. You may not roll it perfectly but atleast make the Attack speed 45% For Epiphany bonus and atleast 97% and above Shock DMG and done glad to help

Thanks, will try to post result later :grin:

I mean, finished product :joy:

Okay :smile: :wink:

Tip for max stats…

First max it level and stats 100 and 25%
Then dont put Obsidian yet, max the legend stats first… 1 legend stats is fast to max rather than 2 legends (ultimately rarest of them all to max 2 legends like hitting 2 birds in 1 stone​:joy::joy::joy::joy:) after you max legend stat put obsidian and i guess 70% chance to have perfect roll thats what I do even without doing the save cheat to save crystals. Tahaha

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I tried the codex crafting, to see how it works, is the crystal quality defaulted? Or by chance?

by chance I also got this thing

The red sword?

Ich saw some people with this helmet on rouge but haven’t found it in codex? Hoffe can ich get an epiphany item on other caracters?

It’s a wizard item. Have to Jasper it to rouge to use it on rouge. Believe it is found past floor 600 at at least epic difficulty. Not sure if it only drops from epic+ enemies though.


Damn, crystal affix!