Equality DMG not on OH?!

Well I noticed that on my DMG screen, the 37.5% DMG from Equality (5) shows for Twister (MH) but not for Teleport (OH)!!!

What does that mean, is it a bug or does the Bonus only apply to MH?!

If I switch Equality for Adventurer, the 37.5% with active Cold Indicator shows for both MH and OH.

Why does the Skilled Mythic not appear in the DMG screen?

Help! :kissing_heart:

Skilled mythic isn’t a skill but it increases your primary skill damage by 50% so you should notice a 50% increase in the primary skill damage in the stats page.

Equality should work for both my and OH as well as Adventurer. Teleport skill doesn’t need much dmg anyways and most offhands but I guess it would matter for oh special skills as torrent, scalp and other special OH have high damage.

Well since the DMG doesn’t show for OH but for MH, I’m very afraid that the DMG% only works with MH :confounded:

The thing is I just discovered that in the Dictionary it states “Increases the DMG of MH primary skills by 50%”… So since it doesn’t appear in the DMG screen it’s kinda hard to check :no_mouth: maybe somebody knows, is it only for MH?

Oh it’s for MH primary skills. Well, it’s correct I believe. Thanks for the correction.