I Just started playing and I can’t figure out how to equip gear and pets. I click on the item and it appears on the left side for the description. but it don’t appear on the right so I can equip it.

Left side of screen should show your current equipped gear & right side of screen would show an item you clicked on that is in your stash. On iOS version there should be an equip button on the right screen once you click on an item from your inventory. Might need a Dev to answer if you aren’t seeing items on right side after clicking on them.

You can also drop the item and drop it on the “equipped” items section.

For example:
You have a wand in your inventory you want to equip. Tap and hold on the icon of the wand then drag your finder over to the 6 boxes in the lower left corner of the inventory screen (these are your equipped items).

Release your finger and it should equip the want (that is as long as you are a wizard)

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