Equivalence/Energy Hireling BUG/Build Help ?!

Today I finished crafting my badass Floor 1k - Poison - Wizard - Hireling Farmer. (Level 76 Hero level 99)
And then I ran into the strangest mechanic (Bug?) I found till now in DQ:

I can cast every spell.
It just costs 60% energy for me if I am below my skill’s mana cost, and 30% if I have more mana. Build has 4,5k Mana and Meteor/Twister mana cost at 5k. However, the hireling cant cast his Meteor/Twister! Because he doesnt have enough resource!

However, if I add a +7500 HP Affix (which also raises my mana cuz equivalence), the hireling can somehow now cast his Meteor/Twister!
BUT I dont want to use 7500 HP Affix lol! Can u tell me what kind of wonky shit is going on here?

I even went to test it with my other mage. lvl 99 hero level 40. he has the same problem, except, even WITH the 7500 HP affix he cant cast his spells as hireling. He had exactly the same setup except for more levels and more points in power, and no hero levels into luck and twister(that doesnt modify the resource cost of twister). Sounds pretty buggy to me?!
Again, I have no problem casting ANY spells on any of those 2 wizards as long as i play them as main (myself).

Resource Modifiers that I use:

  • 20 Strength + Intelligence (Hero levels)

Heres the build (ugly but quick :smiley: if u need more information i can post screenshots)

if i get this to work without the 7500 HP Affix, this shoud be one of the strongest and fastest possible hireling wizard poison farmers possible. I already spent over 20h theorycrafting. And even using Druidic Bonus or the Poison Dmg + Doublestrike Ring (which are in my opinion the only 2 other approaches for this build) cant hold with the speed and dmg that this one has…
correct me if im wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you can only have 1 Resource Mythic affix on your Equipment, Main or Hireling.

if both of your Characters have Equivalence and Energy, only one of them will be used and the other is just taking up space doing nothing. from what you’ve shared, it looks like the Equivalence is working for both and Energy isn’t working at all (if it is, that’s a bug for sure).

on top of that, both Barbarian & Glasscannon have cut both your HP & MP in half, and Masochism is keeping your HP at 25%, which means Equivalence is reducing your spell costs by only 15% (I think). when you cast spells fast enough that your MP is around 25%, then your spell costs are reduced by 30ish%. but Clearcast is letting you cast about half of your spells for free, so probably most of the time, your spell cost reduction is at 15ish%. it also looks like you have +50% Clearcast? even if you don’t have enough Mana, there is a 50% chance to cast the spell for free.

Harmony Mythic on head works great with Equivalence Mythic & Equality Set combo.

hmm, for example, if Equivalence has your HP/MP at 10k/10k, Barbarian +50% and Glasscannon +50% would reduce that to HP/MP 5k/5k. and Masochism is keeping your HP around 2500 HP, so the Equivalence % would be around 30% when your HP 2500 / MP 5000. as you cast spells, half of them are free because of Clearcast, so if you have good MP Heal, you probably rarely have your MP go as low as your HP.

as far as why things aren’t working for the Hireling, I wonder if Clearcast isn’t working for the Hireling, and that is why it keeps running out of Mana for casting spells.

I moved this post to the Support & Bug Reports incase there really is a bug, or maybe a behind the scenes mechanic that isn’t working properly that the Dev’s can take a look at.

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okay it fixed it, and it looks like it is how you say.

if i use the character, the build uses energy.
if the AI uses the character, the build uses equivalence.
thats pretty interesting and maybe unintended.

and for clearcast. well, you dont need mana for clearcast per se, but if your mana is < your spells manacost, you cant cast it even if you have 75% clearcast (didnt test with 100% but should be the same.)

i fixed this by using equivalence only (works better on the build than energy, more dmg), and puitting 40 points into hp, to have enough mana for storm (8,3k), which also frees another affix because storm has elemental crit inbuild!!

now my build is perfect and i can tell you, it shredds the whole screen in floor 1k in 1 sec =) even epic and legendarey and mythic mojnsters die in <2 - 3 seconds, EVEN IF THEY ARE ALONE.pretty insane build, i guess i will someday make a dedicated post to it =)

remove energy for blight
remove elemental crit for +10 storm
remove 10 twister for 10 storm
change talent X on pet to sorcery
change crit chance on pet to attackspeed → the build is not bottlenecked in his dmg or cdr, but in his castspeed :slight_smile:

Attack Speed is normally for MH Primary Skills, Comet for example.

for Skills that have Cool Downs, Cooldown should be used. Attack Speed isn’t needed unless your Cool Down is faster than your Item Attack Speed.

Chakram has 3 APS. you only need Attack Speed if your Cool Down is lower than 0.3.

also, I didn’t notice it earlier, but Arcanist Set requires Ascendant Set to work, or it wont work at all. Arcanist uses Weaken to put the +ED% on an enemy, but it lasts for 0 seconds. Ascendant Set places an Arcane Debuff that lasts 5 seocnds, and this is what Arcanist Set uses to cause extra ED% to enemies, based on how many enemies have the Arcane Debuff on them when they are Weakened.

i know that :slight_smile: the build clears faster with attackspeed. because he has clearcast and 2 teleports. ive been playtesting for over 10h.
and no youre wrong, weakened procs arcanist, not ascendant.

trust me , i made my homework.

you still need Ascendant Set. Weakened procs Arcanist for 0 seconds. Ascendant is required to have Weaken proc Arcanist to last for 5 seconds (Ascendant Set has the Arcane debuff. a recent Patch says that Prismatic Talent & Ascendant Set can give the Arcane Debuff, I think for use with Amplify Talent, but only the Ascendant Set debuff works with Arcanist Set for the +ED% damage boost)(it’s possible that the debuff from Prismatic works with Arcanist, but I haven’t tested this. it’s been awhile since I used Ascendant & Arcanist).

Legend Clearcast has a 0.5 second cool down and a % chance to cast spell for free, even if you don’t have enough Mana. don’t know how it works with Energy, but it should work with Equivalence. Attack Speed doesn’t affect Clearcast.

I used Clearcast (1 Legend & 2 Myth Stones) 75% with Epiphany (5), Cooldown +70% with Twister & Twister Proc. my Twister & Twister Proc had a CD of 0.7 seconds, if I remember right, and 75% of my Twister Spells were cast free with a 0.5 second cool down. this was on a Staff, and I didn’t need Attack Speed at all, well I think I had some, but it was for using my Comet, not casting Twister.

i will repeat myself:

  1. in my case. equivalence didnt worwk when i didnt have enough maximum mana. thats the whole problem why i made this thread. ( and i used 2 resource mythics because in codex it didnt say equivalence is one).

  2. attackspeed affects cast-animation-speed, not clearcast. so, u use attackspeed to speed up your cast-animation. this is helpful when u have teleport, shatter, storm, and 50% clearcast(1x legend 1 x mythic). because the character is able to use teleport and shatter caster. and the 2 cast-animations of those combined are longer than the cooldown after a clearcast is.
    thats why its so good.

and for arcanist + weakened, where does it say it procs for 0 seconds? and 0, what seconds?
storm 40 alone hits every 0,125 seconds on the whole screen, let alone poison dot and poison cloud dot.

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ahh, that makes sense. there was an old post on the subject of animation speed, but I haven’t run into any problems with my Builds as far as animation speed is concerned.

these are the 2 posts I found that mention it, by the Mod @Clogon .

the Arcanist & Ascendant Debuffs are different. the Arcanist Damage Debuff is the +20% ED% per enemy debuffed that lasts 0 seconds when affected by Weaken. the Ascendant Arcane Debuff lasts 5 seconds, and this is why it is required for the Arcanist Debuff to last more than 0 seconds.

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thank you very much good sir.
i was thinking about removing arcanist because aoe is good enough already, but i didnt think it wouldnt work!
i’m glad this imperfection is out of the way.

i swapped arcanist for cosmic power which gives +6k mp regen im my build, and gives max mana so i only need 15 points in mana :slight_smile:

regarding speed: speed is an essential factor for me in a farming build. the faster he can rush through the map move around etc the better. and with llaytesting i found attacksped is a good improvement :slight_smile:

ps: now that i have a perfect rogue, and wizard farmer(along with loot-warrior as main )
and rogue + wizard floorclimber, next stop will be a warrior farmer(not needed but fun).
and i kinda wannna do blistering/bleed/inferno build :slight_smile:

im not sure tho if he will be able to clear floor 1k as fast as my other farmers xD

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also i found a cool use for one of my eternal pets on my wizard floorclimber! i will show you sometime :slight_smile:

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