Equivalence mythic

Hiya - been peeking at this build, trying to make a fortune bringer build on my warrior.

Looking at this link - it seems that, at the time it was made - you could get 5k hp or 5k mana. Now you can make a 10k hp roll.
The way I read equivalence - it shouldn’t matter if I pick mana or hp for the added epic affic on the items, as far as what I get out of it ressourse-wise.
That said - given that you can now roll 10k hp it should be better, as it gives you 5k extra resources to play around with?

about the 5k HP its and old affix and made to 10k HP after the update

Yeh - thats what I thought.
All I’m wondering is - in case you use equivalence:

Does 5k hp = 5k mp - I mean is it a 1:1 ratio?

@Wack Yes. Equivalence balances out your mana and hp so it means when you have 5K HP and 5k MP that is the ratio.