Error in statistics

Any administrator or user who has been in the game for a long time can explain to me how this is possible.
how is it possible to get to that floor 2.147B.
The only thing I can think of is the use of hack or exploit tools.

I don’t understand.


Seems like hacking but who knows maybe that guy is just good lmao


the Dev’s clear the charts every year or so, at least they used to, but those players just get those crazy numbers again.

the only one they can’t cheat on is the Legend Items collected, at least so far.


@Golem :+1: in some games when they use app-hack, some of these Game Guardian, lucky parchet or cheat enginer.
They cannot connect to the game because a modification is detected in the app.

developers have to create some alternative one day.

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reaching that floor is impossible.
it is impossible to reach the 100000 floor that is surely modifying the maps.
It is better for developers to mount the statistics on a web page.