Error moderator

@tdaniel You lured me by mistake, and you owe me an apology.
Look, it report on me from @Tomhatek

This item in codex:

This item on my wizard:

Well, what gave me the ban ? I 1v1 and 2v2 was the top 1, what do you generally do, maybe need to check before giving ban ?
If it wasn’t for my friend @FairyTail , I wouldn’t even know it, coz I thought it was someone hacking the game …

You have just changed the elemental nature of the item with the lowest crystal. It works on eternals. Changing element from ice to electricity converts permafrost to paralysis. I do it myself. Only things you change about eternals are elements,nature and talent I believe

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I have the same ammy and mine looks the same from what i can tell just mine is on rouge


I will be unbanned after the weekend, just developer in another city )

Well, thats good to hear.