Eternal Ascension Level 1-99

… requires 14x exp. :scream:

Yeah :smiley:

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Maybe 1month to complete eternal level 1-99 hahaha

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By my count, it’s 21x.

To 1st Ascension: 1x
To 2nd Ascension: 2x
To 3rd Ascension: 3x
To 4th Ascension: 4x
To 5th Ascension: 5x
To 6th Ascension: 6x


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Whats x mean

“x” means “times”.

2nd Ascension = 2 times more exp than base.
3rd = 3x


I also meant that on the last ascension, eternal, where you have 6/6 of all the ascension perks, leveling requires 14x the base exp as described in the shop. That’s pretty ridiculous. Took me like 2 days to get to 99 :tired_face:

The experience in leveling from common to eternal level 99 is pretty good though. Eternals and Crystal items were dropping like crazy. Sometimes two or more of them per floor. I gained a grand total of (only) three(!) heroic levels (91 to 94). Tons upon tons of mythstones and crystals dropped. I used pack size 100% and up for every level though, and it goes well with Quest mythstones (200% exp bonus max) AND if combined with the occasional buffed EXP shrine (from Enshrined ascension perk), its pretty nuts :smiley:.

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Oh, it didn’t say 6x? Maybe those multipliers I used from the patch preview are wrong then. I can’t remember looking closely at the shop text when I did my first two ascensions. If the 6th Ascension requires 14x experience, and not 6x experience, I’d imagine the others are higher too.

6x is for leveling a mythic character from 1 to 99 to reach/buy eternal ascension.

Ascensions - rank - base exp required

1st - Common to Magic - 1x
2nd - Magic to Rare - 2x
3rd - Rare to Epic - 3x
4th - Epic to Legend - 4x
5th - Legend to Mythic - 5x
6th - Mythic to Eternal - 6x
xx - Eternal level 1 to 99 - 14x

Those numbers from the preview are correct except maybe for the last one. Sorry for not being clear :sweat_smile:

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Ohhhhhhhhh, I get it now. You were saying level 1-99 AFTER the 6th Ascension. I was being dumb and not thinking about that. Thanks for clarifying!

Btw what does eternal level give? During ascension progression we didn’t get any hero points or stats rite? In eternal “stage” does give something special upon level up?

Nope, nothing. At least, I haven’t seen any rewards. Just pure leveling again from 1 to 99.

You restart at eternal level 1 when you choose your 6th ascension. Your “reward” is getting the final option, the cost is having to level 1-99 a seventh time at 14x required XP. There’s no special benefit for being level 99 on eternal, it just means you’ve hit 99 again. Kinda like prior to this patch, there wasn’t any real difference between 98 and 99.

Uh, 3 stat points? :wink:

yet im still puzzled how some players have already reached Eternal Ascension in 2 characters.

if buying that ascension thingy do they delete your items?

Nope you just have to wait till lvl 50 to use em again if they are ilevel 100, make sure to clean up inventory of garbish eq first tho I’ve heard people had full inventory and bought ancescion and got bugged :confused:

does my crystal will disappear too?