Eternal Back? O.o

I keep seeing people with a green symbol behind them called Eternal Back.

Where and how do I get it?

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i have it also. got when i 1st reach eternal league. but when i unequip it with my other character their gone in my inventory and i dunno why? lucky me i didnt unequip the one in my rogue. lol forever eternal back for my rogue.

I think it is givin when u reach eternal league…

@anon83127038 @superlove Guess I’m going to destroy anyone in my way until I get Eternal League.

@Epicskunk xd goodluck . i already got the new vanity. currently i reach eternal div3 and now in div5 not playin for a farmin gears with pl afix and hope to roll exact crystal afix that i needed. enjoy pvp

@superlove I think I would be 1 second faster if my own set worked for Season 3.It’s so weird.

Oh and I will enjoy PvP,thank you very much,sweetie. :cat:

Btw I received a notification about new vanity items unlocked, but I didn’t see anything new… O_o?

Im glad that im in eternal div1 but sadly in banleague LMAO :joy::joy::joy:

@anon83127038 @superlove @Epicskunk I think its an exclusive item for those who reach top 3. I thinks its a bug when you receive those I’m not sure though. @Griffin012 can you enlighten us

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@Astarte was right it was exclusuvely for reaching top3 and ders a bug of u receiving it when u climb up to eternal league.

Goodluck with ya all pvp-hyped

@roykiyoy Oh okay.Thank you!

Well,even if I cannot reach Eternal League,I will at least have fun,thanks to you!

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@Epicskunk actually its quite easy to reach top 1 if u got some decent pvp build and understand the current pvp meta. Just keep xperimenting til u learn lot of things. Then it will be just a piece of cake reaching top1 “though the hardest part is maintaining the throne since lots of pvpier will try der best too to kick u out” Goodluck

@roykiyoy Ooooo I forgot about that.

I’m probably going to lose my throne (if I do get it) to some other player in a day or so,because I don’t think I’m that lucky.

@Epicskunk yup its normal i could name like 15 guys who was able to reach top1 and now not even in eternal div 1-2… some just got lazy earning points since they have proven der ability already and some already retired some focus more on pve now. Well if u give some time playin pvp per day ul be able to defend it.

@roykiyoy That weirdly gives me courage. :laughing:

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Bug should have been fixed already.

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