Eternal Back Vanity still available for 2019?

have you encountered my Rogue? yes? @NUIQUE?

Yep! Jhoymel right? If only your ??? affixes will show up, then I might as well copy it. Hahaha

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There were times I had to fight it when it went down to div 2.


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You mind sharing your craft soon?

@NUIQUE for sure. :smile:

the remains will kept a secret unless? DQ will give me those old vanities.

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@NUIQUE. ah! your warrior? add more Armor and Resist and of course Alchemy. balance your HP/MP and you’re good to go. :smile:

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*stitch pet

@tdaniel what im gonna do to get those old vanities from 1st season?

We tried to release an update in January that would allow us to cycle back through the previous vanity items but we had an issue with Amazon requiring some changes to the way we make the game files for their platform.

Until that gets fixed we are not able to release the update, if we were to release it now none of our amazon users would be able to play.

Very sorry for the delay!


thx @tdaniel. always looking forward to getting Season 1-3 Arena Back Vanities. was so happy when I got the Vanities for Season 4, but would really like some of the ones from other Seasons :heart_eyes:.

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How about a special arena reward. An eternal ring with a random legend set affix and 4 sockets for a mythic while we wait for DQ2 :grinning:


Better yet an entire set of items that have that…all crystal to boot :rofl::rofl:


Hey @dickwad!

I can’t remember seeing your characters on my climb up to the eternal league. I’m almost tired repeatedly facing almost identical builds here, i.e., immortals, anti-immortals, chakram rogues,etc. (which, by the way, forced me to become like them​:joy::joy::rofl:)

It would be a nice break for me if I’ll get to face your genuine crafts soon with my own craft I’m keeping outside the arena. Where are your toons now these days?

Awwww!!! Finaly!!!

My toons are division four area. Loose some matches and you will eventually find me.

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I will. My toons will probably be there or below when I will be back to battle arena. Thanks.

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Division 4 1v1 but only mythic in 2v2 :joy:

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