Eternal Braincage Perfect Roll

Maybe i can use this braincage for PvP right? So perfectly rolled and perfect for CV build for warrior.


20 Torrent won’t be perfect, will give you +4 Torrent in the arena most likely :wink: but beautiful :heart_eyes:!!

Yeah but its pretty great because of its proc and PTL 100% but rescaled in arena.

Wtf thats freakin amazing!!! Man what a lucky drop!!

HAHAHAA Yes yes, i just got it on floor 1000+ .

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Man! Cerebral vortex always kills me in eternal leagues.hayy… Im on division 5 and im stuck there cuz this celebral vortex curse you cerebral vortex.:sob::sob:

May i suggest blinking such as orb for wiz Or vault for rogue u van also combine blink strike those two and enigma . The technique is to never stay at one place for a long period unless u have long life, huge power or sanctuary…

Harassing the enemies with CV is op. Then add some 10k HP and a total of 20k+ Elemental Dmg.

+20 Torrent + Torrent Proc 50% + CV + 150%Torrent Dmg. (Vortex Bonus) = Good Game

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For the vortex bonus it need a lot of resource cost to use it… Takes a lot of slots in Arena :frowning:

No problem for me.

Perfect for pvp&pve :heart_eyes: