Eternal chakram

Guys what affix should I put on this plan to use it on my PvP build.

craft cosmic orb add HP20000 WD and ED 10000

OK. Should I change the special skill or not.

u cant change special of eternal wep

Oh sorry my mistake…:smile:

Id go for 10000ed 10000wd and 100%wd

@Dust u cant put 100% wd on eternal fable chakram since u cant use ruby on it only topaz.

edit : my bad u can indeed get 100%wd in topaz in eternal gears but i think 20k hp would be more beneficial since 100%wd =36-24%wd on arena. 10kwd on arena = 2k wd so 24% of it would be around 480wd inc.

+4 eac also good or not?

hp is better get as much hp as u can while maintaining decent dmg. 20khp is so good to miss out in arena it add 4khp(not counting hp% boost) so this might boost ur hp 10-15k or more w/ hp% boost affixes. also WD and ED is the best stat for arena.

Is it possible to change the epic affix in eternal legend items???

Nope. Once the affix is placed it’s permanent.

Im hunting a chakram like this for weeks now, already had 2 helmets :confused:
@roykiyoy depends alot on build imo, my chakram rouge is using blinkstrike a lot so i prefer high damage, if your running another build hp should be better

@Dust ya it al depends on ur build . btw my bad 100%wd not 37% on arena but rather 24%.

its drop rate kinda low i got like 2x eternal fable chakram/swrd b4 but converted didnt mind since i dont pvp that time lel. wrong move.

Let’s not encourage exploits.


what is “ed” “wd” and 100%“wd”?

Ed =element damage
Wd= weapon damage