Eternal chest

pls help. whats goin on here, I play arena and won then for 2 consecutive win I reseave a reward of 2 eternal chest after checking my message box only 1eternal chest then I transfer it to my rouge character but then the chest is also not there. my 2 eternal chest where are theyyyyyyyyyyyyy. T_T

I feel you bro!, I experience it many times. :cry:

its about the connection i think…it happens when the first match get eternal chest and the match ID didn`t update… it happens to me also…

Yeap slow internet connection is the cause! Curse you internet connection and all of that killing ad that slows the internet

I think your in the PH, no?

Yeah I am a Filipino! I use data to save my progress and doing PVP stuff…

wahh :scream: KEKEKe…even PLDT there doens`t work faster either,

Yeap… plus those wifi stealing neighbors! So annoying

haha Change Pass… :joy:

they still they know the pass because of PLDT wifi hacker… so I prefer use mobile data… wkwkwkwk

much better is you keep them then get it at once when you have plenty of it :smile:

San ka nakatira

T_T I though im lucky coz I get eternal in 2 consecutive mich but im not lucky because its gon mid air. hahahahaha damn. I can get 2 higher crystal like obsidian from that eternal if I cant use it. T_T

Change the settings on your router to only accept certain devices using the MAC list.

your right… tnx

I’m using iOS and my router was already setup as suggested by @Clogon. Last night I won 14 epic & maybe 2 legend chests. I grabbed them from messages & sent them all to same toon. Toon has plenty of space for the chests. I didn’t open the chests as I was gonna compile the epics & convert. This morning I woke up & the Grinch stole 2/3 of my epic chests…even the roast beast :flushed:

What happened?!

When you quit Dungeon Quest, did you just double tap the home button on your ios device?

No sir, I used the external on/off button. Ty 4 your help.

I usually upload my data to DQ Cloud then quit the game. Then I shutdown the iPad. I think this is the 2nd time it’s happened. Seems as though it happens when I already have chests stored on a toon and then send more chests to the same toon before I open the previous chests. I was hoping that compiling chests on same character would stack the chests so could convert them. Somehow when I turned iPad back on today the new chests I had won were missing & they weren’t in my messages either. It’s no big deal. I will just open chests as I get them in he future. Ty @tdaniel!


There a few picky things about how our game works with iOS. For Apple they put apps to sleep when you turn off the device (tap the physical power button) or double tap the home button.

Typically this isn’t an issue. If you want to go back to using an app you either double tap the home button button then choose the app that is running from the “shelf” (the list of windows you can “flick” through) or you simply touch the icon of the app on your home screen.

The problem is when you put apple apps to sleep they might be shut down by the Apple OS to make room for running other apps.

You will know that Dungeon Quest specifically has been shut down if you touch the DQ Icon and the game loads you back to the main menu and not to the level you were on when you put the game into sleep mode.

The reason this happens to dungeon quest more than most apps is because of how our game runs on the device.
While Dungeon Quest is a small install (around 70 megs) it ALL runs in ram (application memory). Some games may be HUGE (gigs of data) but only take up a small portion in ram.

To my point: (sorry this took so long) if you want to quit dungeon quest return to the main menu. This will force a manual save on your device and make sure your save game data is fine.

Now, this doesn’t apply to phone calls, or text messages or small things like that. If you get a phone call on iOS or respond to a text message it will take you back into the game.

Its only if you are going to not be playing for a while. If you put your game into “sleep” for a few hours the chances that the Apple OS will dump your game state (and not save your data) is much higher.

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