Eternal divination BUG

get some eternal divination jasper it to warrior and jasper back to wizard, and boom you have +skulldra instead of +torrent.

i did it on other eternal form of cerebral vortex and all the same, if i jasper to rogue it’ll change to +sentry

is this intended ? coz as far as i know that shouldn’t change, i mean its eternal tho

It will change even in eternals… Jasper can be applied from normal to eternal items.

It is intended, because you normally shouldn’t have foreign class specific +skills on the equipment of your class. Torrent is an exception and comes on the Cerebral Vortex set for Wizard as well, but if you change the item’s class it will change the +skills on it to the corresponding skill of the target class.

If you then change it back to Wizard it will do the same, and the corresponding skill from Warrior’s Torrent is Skulldraga on Wizard.