Eternal drops to other classes?

Hi there,

I’m still fairly new, but getting a hang of the game now. It seems for me that I get more rogue and warrior eternal items than I get wizard eternals “I play on my wizard, without a hireling”. Is the eternal legends completely random drops or is it mostly assigned to the class u are playing like the other items? It is ofc common to get other class items when playing a wizard, but you mostly get wizard items. For eternals I might’ve gotten 2-3 wizard eternals and I think maybe 10 rogue/warrior eternals. Is this just how it is, or am I just really unlucky? Just curious here :smile:

And another out of topic question. Does the elemental crit have a cap like the normal crit chance? And does normal crit chance procc paralysis or is it only the elemental crit which proccs it?

Hopefully u guys will give me some knowledge here!


My Explanation
“The dropped item must be a Legend to have a chance of being an Eternal after obtained.
That means all Legend Gears you obtain regardless of class should have a equal chance of being an Eternal.”

You are just unlucky that all non Wiz Legends you are obtaining are not turning Green. ;3

Alright, thanks a lot for the reply :smile: