Eternal drops

Is there any floor lvl, where you are guaranteed to get ilvl 100 drops? Just wanna know since you can’t use peridot on an eternal item as far as I know?

floor 100+ its has a random level just make sure you’re farming at floor 100+ to get a level 100 eternal

Ah… Dunno what’s up with the drop I linked then. Got it beyond floor 200, but it was during the luck bug, before the patch.
Might have something to do with it:)

Eternal drop level is based around your level and floor number the way to always have them drop at level 100 is to farm above floor 500 with a level 99 character :smile:

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but, sometime i get lv 100 eternal item at level 60 and floor above 300 ._.v

Yes this is because the level of items is randomized in order to get guaranteed level 100 eternals though you’ve got to go to floor 500+ and be level 99 :wink: :smile:

how did u get that armor and hat?