Eternal fable wep and hood advice

Im thinking your emberglow sword is hacked…

You can think that if you wish, the name if if part of why your thinking that then you should understand when applying the mythic to an eternal fable it caused that name, I simply added that mythic to debunk someone else’s thread that I personally was hacked and found that it wasn’t but yet a word error from what I can tell thanks for thinking that @Swens915

@aldam. If you look on Legendex you will see Fabled sword (4 socket) my sword is the eternal version, this having 4 sockets when you apply a mythic aka 4 MS to it. It then has 4 open spots? I then simply added Topaz, if @SteigerBox or @Refia want to take a look into it or verify that it is a word glitch or something

Yeah but there is no possible way you got all 3 epic affix’s as dmg boosting ones, let alone being perfect rolls

Currenly, there is a bug, that any added epic affixes on eternal items got a perfect roll. So, he is legit.


@breaknex I have same loot as you but after I turn it to mythical topaz is not applicable… Eternal is unchangeable only calcite,beryl,citirine crystal can apply so I wonder how could you do like that if someone is not

If this matter continued breaknex becomes the top1 player because he can customise eternals as legends… Maybe right now your crystals from lowest to highest level is full haha

@refia can you address this please @aldam read the patch notes and you will understand you can use topaz if you have empty spot on an eternal item

@breaknex… And why is it I can’t add affix after I turned my sword into cosmicorb… Only cosmicorb,mythology,mythical and there is nothing to be add

What patch u currently play buddy.?

2.0 is my patch… Is there any discussion about patch?

I have no problem putting epic affixes into my eternal mythic weapon.

Idk what patch Topaz start viable for Eternal item with empty affix. but currently patch is 2.0.7 (android), idk what your platform is. if u are playing on android, try check for update 2.0.7 and try use topaz on your eternal fable blade (if it have empty affix) or if u play on Iphone. idk about that, u need to wait for update viable for it i guess.

Maybe thats the reason! Sometimes in arena I received plenty of abandoned match even all of my opponent are lose and can’t get chest… Before only 17 loses I have now it turns to 150…

Calling any Dev/Admin for it won’t speed up the bug fix.
About your question: Yes, it gets fixed soon. :slight_smile:

@Refia I think you misunderstood what I was asking.

@aldam please see here Back in August scroll down under design

Also I’m using iPhone 6 Plus and android tablet depending on where I’m at.

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