Eternal fable wep and hood advice

well now I have 2 swords I might scrap the blank one and I just got the hood, seems I’m destined to make a sword warrior, wish I could take that SET off of the eternal, as that two spots being taken up, thoughts?

Harmony on the hat, man. That’s pretty much the only useful hat mythic. Blank sword seems like garbage compared to the other, perhaps use it as a build tester. Just my rubbish two-cents.

Hmm what about the Mythics that can go in any slot?

Can be used in any slot:

blood magic

What’s going to hurt is losing 2 set spots due to being eternal

Ah, right. Alchemy, harmony, and blood magic are all nice. It depends on your goal, though, really. The mythology affix isn’t as bad as the mythical one, at least.

only thing I can think of using it is for throwsword build, maybe discordance couplied with skilled chest could boost throwsword damage?

I think a crystal Ragnarok hammer will work best for throwsword (either proc or Amber if that’s possible) though…

I just found an eternal fabled blade also, I’ll probably put Energy for a Toss+Throwsword Proc build or test Discordance or Apocalypse on mine.

EDIT: On second thought, using an “any” spot mythic is a waste of the Mythology bonus, so really you should limit it to a damaging Mythic. It really just doesn’t fit that good in any warrior builds we have right now…

Right but if I have dmg mythic on the weapon it’s getting the bonus dmg from the hood right?

Bc thats why I was trying to use both to make it 184% bonus to mythic dmg, down side is I’m wasting 2 set spots

yea that should work, just not sure if there’s any build that’s worth sacrificing two set spots for… I would do Energy (for a Toss or WW build) on hood and a damage Mythic on weapon if you want to use both.

WW takes about a second so at 30 energy/s you should always have energy, if resource cost affects the energy cost of WW you could potentially have 100% uptime of 70-100 energy giving a nice 70-100% damage increase…

With Toss you should almost always have 90-100 energy

Question for you, when you put the mythic in your blade did it automatically create those legend/epic affixes? Do you know if they’re always the same (not the roll but the stats)?

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Nah when I made that weapon the stats were pure luck, my wife thought I was going to die with the noise I was making but with it being 50% quality I’d assume it will have a max stat? No idea honestly that was my first eternal fable from couple nights ago

Once u put the mythic in u have open spaces to use topaz :slight_smile: but luck is where u hope in the choice you get to pick from that the right ones are there

oh okay that answers my question… you can force close the game if you don’t like your topaz or obsidian choices… you will still lose the crystal but won’t put an affix

kind of cheap though lol…

Didn’t even know you could do that, heck I was pumped when I rolled the sword

I don’t have a Ragnarok hammer yet, I do have a Ragnarok sword though

I just found one last night, I haven’t crafted it yet but it seems to be the best MH to craft for Warrior, Hammers get the most base damage by quite a bit.

That what I was reading little bit ago in another thread

I’ve read that the hammers are best for WW but wonder how it would compare to an Eternal Fate’s travesty

I have Crystal Fate’s Travesty (Attack Speed) and with Endow it’s only 8820-14700 damage, if you got an Eternal one with perfect roll it would be about double that which is around 30000, my Ragnarok with 0% quality is 13784-22973 damage…

Unless you got a perfect Eternal Fate’s Travesty I can’t see how it would beat a nice roll on Crystal Ragnarok…

Attack Speed is a wasted stat on WW build too

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How could it be, eternal can customise like you put mythical, I pick like that gears but when I turn to mythic nothing affix i can add…

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