Eternal Fabled Blade

I just found an eternal fabled blade chakram. I assume since it has 4 sockets I can turn it into a mythical item. So I have a few questions.

  1. After i turn it into a mythical item, do I get to add affixes, or does it choose randomly since it is eternal?

  2. If I can add affixes, do they roll in the eternal range? Or would the stats roll in the crystal/mythic gear range? By that, I mean, can I get an affix like 100% glass cannon vs 50% glass cannon as an example. This leads to another question, after turning to mythic does it actually become a mythic meaning I no longer have 50% quality? Or does it stay eternal? And if I can add stats, can I actually reroll them?

  3. I’ve only crafted a few pieces so far, mainly for farming but I am about to start working on a build soon. I plan on making a cold chakram rogue build. What would be the best mythic for the chakram? Arc, cosmic orb, or something else?


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  1. Only epic affixes using Topaz.

  2. Yup, but depends on its LV. Meaning a LV100 eternal fabled could get a perfect rolled epic affixes.
    It stay as eternal with mythic skill.
    You can’t reroll them.

  3. It’s your choice or should I say, it’s for you to find out :wink:

Thanks for the info. Seems like a pretty big gamble since you cant reroll. With my luck I’ll probably get stuck with the worst affixes lol.

Gamble or no gamble it is only a few topaz.

And 4 high level mythstones. That’s what I meant by a gamble, I don’t have a lot of those yet.

Oh I see. Yeah a few of the mythic are expensive.

It is a gamble. Like almost everything else in the game worth crafting.

If you plan to use those MS in the near future, hold back for the moment. Otherwise, take the gamble. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, especially that Topaz gives six rolls.