Eternal Item Potential

Hey there Teddy Bear,

I can’t seem to fathom the potential of Eternal Items. Are they worth to farm? Do they have more potential compared to “rare” legends turned into mythics and fully set?

Thanks everyone.

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You can have 1 or 2 eternal set for pvp. there are powerful eternal sets for PVE. yes they are worth it.

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It is depend on your build some player using 1-2 eternal item for there build

Shhhhh… I’ll just leave this here. :wink:

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Arg. For a moment there, I actually considered creating a Facebook account just so I can read that link.

Anyone want to do me a favor and tell me what’s going on there, since I can’t see it?

A warrior and rouge farming together


Ahh crud. Never knew it needs an account even as a public link.

I will just youtube these in the near future.

The vid is in the group so it needed an account
Btw nice farming

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wow those builds of yours :o amazing… :sunny:


Unfortunately it is taking out stacks of rubies and is still incomplete. Generally it goes Farm > craft gear > get farm faster > craft gear again > so on and so forth…

On thread: if it is still not implied enough on my link… It is a big YES! The jasper-eternal patch is the biggest chance to craft ridiculous builds so far. I’ve already seen a few.

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Thanks for all your concerns. I hope in the near future patch, Eternals can be tweaked. So excited!