Eternal item with crystal affix

does anyone here got that? I mean did anyone you guys loot eternal items or weapon got eternal with crystal affix??

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yes. it’s just about luck. and you need to have crystalline and eternalized set ^^

hey bosz landz its me tomz at pinoy dungeon quest haha

of course i know who you are ^^

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before I ask you rigth if you got or loot some eternal item with cs affix but your answer was it was a super rare maybe… haha

super rare but nothing really special

ooowww sad :frowning: actually bosz I loot some eternal before I ask you if u got some kind of it… I have eternal have cs attack speed… I doubt it maybe it was a bug or something so I ask that kind of eternal… I convert it to rouge now

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Its not a bug, i have one but i asked about it in patch 1.9 and it wasnt addressed as a bug so i assume theyre just rare… Its a 1/100 chance for a legend to be a crystal or eternal but 1/1000 for it to be both, dont get rid of it no matter how useless you think it might be

Thats mine, not amasing but i keep it as a sort of trophie, because its nice to look at and remember how lucky i was to have one

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ohh thanks for that haha… im the one who like your post… now I know theres a kind of eternal with cs affix…