Eternal Items seem useless should be reworked IMO

First thing: Why cap Eternal Items to certain level? What is the point of even getting an eternal item at level 50 and never be able to level it up?

Eternal items individually have great sets but they are simply outclassed by crystals/mythics alteration. As rare as they are, they should be more rewarding imo. Why not make Eternal items as a set? Like an eternal items with a set purpose that MAYBE only works when you have each piece of armor?

So all in all I think eternal items should be made into set pieces that maybe have a special effect when wore at the same time. (Make them harder to get if this is the case)

eterbal item are strong enough. double affix value in arena all item lvl is 20 so do eternal item. but their affix equal to lvl 40 item. btw who force u use all eternal item. u can just use head part MH part. it depend on u how u set thing up.

Well, I usually use 1-2 eternal items per build, for example, ocenyx’s Blightbog works well with Eternal Odyssey, etc. Plus, I’ve seen successful Ninja-based eternal builds in arena.

While I agree that a lot of the eternal items are next to useless atm, some are exceptionally good. You just have to find ones that have affixes that fit together. Tho I would appreciate having a crystal that converts Eternals back to Legendary tho. (I finally got a Mutiny, but it was Eternal, lol.)

Well that’s just my opinion on the matter.


i got 10 munity gauntlet atm lol.