Eternal items

What are those Items I though there’s only normal rare epic magic and legend.

Eternal items are “eternalized” versions of Legend Items. They have a max quality of 50%, meaning they have the potential to have double the stats of their Legendary counterparts. They have Green Border and is extremely rare. I didn’t get one until floor 400-ish. Hope this helps.

EDIT: Also, as far as I know, Eternals can be equipments, pets or even maps.


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Okay thanks for the info XD

No problem bro, also, equipping rare legends with the “Eternalized” set affix will increase your chances of getting one. I just got my 11th eternal item a few minutes ago, sadly I’m still looking for Eternal Pets. :confused:

Where can I get one ?

It’s just a random Set Affix that you can get on loots, I got one on floor 202, it’s a wand called Eternal Immortal Wand. I’m sure you can get it on other high floors too.



Someday … …I can get one. XD

Is there any way to up the lvl of an eternal?

Not currently.

Nope. (just pray to rng to have lvl 100 eternals)

Or farm on high level floors! Someone north of 500 every item dropped will be ilvl 100 (someone can correct me on the specific floor required).

yep, floor 500 guarantees a level 100 eternal if you want some good ones. My suggestion if you want to farm eternals level 100 is go to floor 500 in easy mode with fully equipped farming affixes.