Eternal League Finally!


@JulianSucks Welcome to DQ Forums and Eternal League!



That must be a tough battle

It was my opponent had a really good build i just had to outbrain his AI haha well im stuck on eternal league division 5 when i move up to div 4 i just keep losing and going back to div 5 so im trying to improvise my build right now

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Division 5 is as far as I have gotten, and I haven’t really been serious about going higher… I like PVE better, but I keep working away at PVP as I still need the Demonic Aura and Season 1 backs (I think…).

the closer to Number 1 the harder the Builds to beat.

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Congratzzz broo also, Welcome to the forum!

PvP is more fun in my opinion since ive just been using the same wizard skullshield build til floor 2k (floor 2k is when i stopped doing PvE)
Anyways i didn’t know you could get old seasons’ vanity stuff how’d you do it? Do i need to like download an old version or something like that?

oh and ty

I dont really know much about PvE builds and I’ve just been experimenting stuff back then until i made a pretty good PvE build that does enough damage to one shot any enemies in any floor well it doesnt one shot the big people but it kills em pretty quickly like about 3-4 seconds or so. I dont even know how i did it but the damage gets larger the higher the floor im in and i even did 15000 billion damage one time.

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I think the Dev’s restart a Season, I had one Season Backs for a long time, and a few years ago they restarted a new Season and got my second set of Season Backs, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get the last set. my current PVP Goal is to get the Demonic Aura at level 35 (I’m around 32, almost to 33) and then hopefully to get to Division 1.

for your PVE Build, it sounds like you have Crushing Blow on it… were you using Crushing Flames also? CB is a % chance to reduce the enemies current HP by 25%. since you can’t do fraction damage (2.5 hit points damage for example) when an enemy gets to 3 HP or lower, CB & CF wont do any more damage because 25% of current HP would be less than 1 HP damage.

you should see some older posts showing CB & CF damage with 10+ zeros after the B for damage. there are some other builds that can do it, and some of the really older ones did it before a bug or two was fixed.

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.yeah cb + cf = billion damage on high floors…
edit: because its not an actual damage, it directly cuts monster hp%…

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well, it is damage, it just works differently than other damagers. it’s great for the early fight, but that’s why you need a good build with CB & CF for when the enemy Health gets lower.

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.demonic or mercenary + epiphany bonus + haunting bonus = (+170% total damage) it will work…

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Haunting Bonus and 2 Glasscannon for +200% Dmg! I had fun with this on a test build… can’t wait to try a real build with it… :smiling_imp:

and enemy below 25% Health with Demonic… +300% Dmg… bwahahahaha!!!

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Throw in some barbarian, push the limit, and empower, and it goes even higher!

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no matter what I do, I never have enough room for all the damage boosts I want on my Gears… and I always worry about my defense… and then I want to try Builds that other players haven’t thought of… and and and and…

Empower with Amplify is pretty awesome… I’m considering a Wizard Build that also uses Astral & Cosmic Talents with just the right amount of All Resist to make insane Element% Dmg…