Eternal league? Oops

This new build finally did it.
ConfusedRoguewizard build for the win.

Just wish I noticed that I made it into eternal league sooner. Only realized it when I went into the main menu after many rounds. Don’t even recall the vanity unlock screen. :joy:


Grats dude lol

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Lol. Thanks. Let’s wait another two weeks before I take part in the arena again. :laughing:

Lol congratulations

Congratulations mate, I hope you can hang in there for as long as possible… I droped the day after I got there… :sob: I wish you the best of luck. :slight_smile:

Well, for the little that I’ve played I’ve been in and out of eternal like a brothel. One could even say I’m having intercourse with it. :worried:

Slight equipment malfunction. :joy:


Welcome, I bet it was an enjoying trip.

welcome to etrrnal