Eternal League Tavern (Eternal Division Players Chilling Place)

This idea might have been around eversince the game started but hey, since we are all around here enjoying in wrecking others build and showing off how strong our builds are, might as well post here, talk, and discuss eberything about players and mechanics in ETERNAL LEAGUE division :joy:.

Im just right above you lol

I guess this is not updated.

wow same divition welcome

And then there’s Mr scooty xD

There is a big wall, made of so called “immortals”, beetween div 1 and div 2, which just makes you rethink if you rly want to play arena.

Yeah. Also known as the “frustration/frustrating build”. It was originally meant to frustrate you and make you rethink your life (DQ PvP build lol).

@Mr_Scooty let me have it for a while


:joy: amen

XD hahaha

Scooty needs a puncture ASAP. :frowning: He’s wheeling and weaving through div.1 traffic.

And here I am, bearly scraping through div.6 :joy: hahaaaaaa

I was actually farming eternal chest but then i got hyped

Omg 2weeks i did not play down to 1400rank from top 1

Back on the track again haha I can’t easily beat those two at the top :joy: and it decreases my trophy when I lose for like 3x the trophies I won from players that are behind me :joy::cry:

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So shadowgaming ign is you! Lol your AI is super good always catching up with my vault even when I spam it :joy:

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