Eternal league


How to reached eternal league




I have my four horsemen!!! :smiling_imp:

Kill all of your opponents!! Try to win more than you lose and increase your MMR (Match Making Rating). If you face someone in the arena who is not in the eternal league, you can view their gears (maybe you like the craft someone used). However, when you reach Eternal league you can no longer see player affixes - they will show as ???

Currently, you have the following leagues:

Eternal (Divisions 1-X)

Mythic (Divisions 1-X)

Legend (Divisions 1-X)

Epic (Divisions 1-X)


The League placements are as follows:

Eternal - Top 1%

Mythic - Top 5%

Legend - Top 25%

Epic - Top 50%

Rare - Top 70%

Magic - Top 90%

Common - Everyone Else


Im now level 32 mythic league division 8



@Mr_Scooty for the great posts! :+1:
question, are the number of Divisions in the Leagues dependent on the number of combatants in each League? not too long ago, I was in Division 10 in Eternal League, and I think I was in a Division 10 in one of the lower Leagues once.


Level 37 mythic


Im now level 33 division 5 of mythic league


I don’t remember my Arena level, but I just won 3 out of 10 with my amazing Reflect Damage Build and dropped from Eternal Division 7 to Mythic Division 1! I feel so…so…let down some how.


@Golem it depends on the number of players / characters in the arena, so yes to your question.

Also, do not rely on reflect damage in arena to defeat other players. Reflect damage can be better utilized if you are using shieldwall (OH Special) or shieldwall proc for survivability.


thank you for the reply. I am actually working on and testing Reflect Damage in PVE, and was wondering how it would do in PVP for fun. 3W 7L! the build as it is so far, I mean. 3W 7L! once again, I feel so…so…let down some how.


You’re welcome. :+1:

It looks like the entry point into Eternal Division 1 is ~1600 MMR. What is your MMR in Mythic Div 1? Your current MMR is likely the entry point into Eternal Division.


Where how to view my MMR?


Open DQ. Go to Battle Arena 1v1 or 2v2. Click top right corner “Arena Leaderboards” and that will show you your place and MMR rating beneath your IGN. You do not have to battle to see your MMR but you must have battled before in order to have a Rating. :+1:


Ahhh the 945 is the mmr? What it means i need 1000+ to enter eternal? Or just reach certain level im now level 33


Yes, 945 is your MMR. I do not know the entry point into eternal division. @Golem should have a good idea for the entry point into Eternal Div.


@Mr_Scooty & @goodlike10 I usually do 5 battles at a time, but at the moment, I am in Mythic League, Division 1, Rank 88, MMR 1294. it looks like 1300 might be the entrance to Eternal League. the highest MMR I have reached is 1375, which put me around Eternal Division 7 around rank 70-80ish. maybe better, but I remember the MMR better than I do the ranking.